How Do I Do Research?

Much has been done in the research field about conducting research. This is a broad and diverse area of information science. The foundation of it is called scientific method and in simple words: it is the use of experimentation and observation to answer questions. What many people dismiss and are, in my opinion, the two most important points are:

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SMMMmmmm - when root is not enough

Swimming, Diving, Hopefully not Drowning!

I got a super nice project, and for that I needed to learn how the SMM really works. Again I started dipping my toes in this ocean of knowledge and I hope I don’t get too excited and drown myself before even getting started ;) For the people who are not sure if they want to read all this:


In SMM, it is possible to modify SMM saved execution context. SMM also sets its own IDT, it is initialized by the BIOS (DXE) and tons of cool stuff.

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Learning about the BIOS

or why do we discuss how to authenticate the user to the machine, but never the machine to the user

My path into low-level security

I have been away for a while as you may or may not have noticed and the reason for that is a great one! I am learning new things and as usual I will try to share my notes here. They are going to be chaotic and I can not give you any guarantee that I got it right, so please let me know if something looks weird ;)

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